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WE Day

21 April 2016

Boys make a day trip to the WE show at Wembley Arena

On 9 March, a group of boys attended the WE Day concert at the Wembley Arena in London.   Syed Junaid of Ermine 8 tells us about his experience;

“Wembley Arena was gigantic.  On entering the concert area  we were flooded by vibrant colours with lights shining and flashing everywhere.  The sound of music was in the air and everyone was having a good time. 

WE Day is a celebration of youth making a difference in local and global communities.  This vibrant concert bubbled with energy and was inspirational.  Amazing stories of leadership, challenge and change unfolded.  We were all motivated to think of how to create change at local or global levels.  One of the presenters stated "A small change makes a big difference."  This hit home to us.  Seeing thousands of people from different backgrounds and diverse cultures together, under one roof, for the same cause was truly inspiring. 

At the end of the event I felt energised and empowered to really try to make a difference.”

Thanks to Mr Stock for arranging this trip.