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The Bett Show 2016

21 April 2016

The ICT department chose a group of boys who had demonstrated a great attitude in ICT lessons to visit the Bett Show.

In January 2016 a group of boys were chosen by our ICT staff to attend a futuristic exhibition set out to showcase the latest advances in technology in education.  The exhibition was held at the ExCel Centre in London with companies such as HP, Microsoft and Google.

The visit was a terrific experience. The exhibition hall was huge and busy and it seemed there was a technological gadget for almost everything!  We saw workshops, lectures and stalls demonstrating the benefits of technology for learning.  The prospect of using some of the new developments in the future left us quite speechless.  In the huge arena a series of insightful, intellectual speeches were presented by organisers and important figures explained how the technology industry was constantly changing and offering new possibilities and potential for the future. 

The students and teachers enjoyed the trip immensely and the boys all gave a huge thank you to the ICT department for organising the trip.  This was an educational and enlightening experience providing the students with a strong platform to improve their current work and set high ambitions for the future. As if that wasn’t enough we were thrilled some time later to hear that one lucky student, who entered a competition at the show, even won a trip for two to Thorpe Park!