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Birmingham NEC Skill Show

19 November 2015

Hasan Khan had a great time at the Skills Show; here he tells us about the trip.

On the 19 November fifty Year 10 students headed to the NEC in Birmingham to a skills show about Careers and possible next steps.  This skill show gave us a taste of what jobs we can do when we get older.   There were many activities there such as aeroplane simulation, oculus rift, car simulation, building and talking on the radio.  The trip was very educational and interesting.  The thing I enjoyed most was seeing the BMW i8 and talking to the manufacturer about the new software in the car. 
Ever wonder how you get clean water from the sink or know how to make a car or even know what it’s like sitting in a military vehicle?  At the skills show you got to find out.  There was also a chance to meet Rockstar the creators of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.
This trip benefited me hugely because it made me know what I want to do when I leave school and how I can get there. There were jobs there I didn’t even know about.  The famous Theo Paphitis from Dragon’s Den had a close encounter with a number of Challney boys!