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Apps for Good - Dragons' Den

21 April 2016

The Dragons' Den comes to Challney!

Do you know what an app is? The official definition is that it is a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose; an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.’

Some of our students have been involved in designing apps as part of the ‘Apps for Good’ project and recently they were given the opportunity to take part in the nationwide ‘Apps for Good - Dragons’ Den’ competition.

The challenge was to think of and design an app beneficial to society.  The prize was £10,000 to spend on development of our app and the chance to win a brand new phone!

Four teams were entered and communication between  groups was prohibited so they would not find out each other’s ideas.  Each team created a PowerPoint presentation in preparation for a Dragons’ Den type event where their ideas would be pitched to our Principal, Mr Connor, Assistant Head, Mrs Warren and engagement manager at Yahoo, Nikki Barr.  Thoughtful speeches were prepared together with promotional advertisements to wow the judges.

Sadiq Mohammadi of Ermine 10 tells us about the experience;

“On the day we were all very anxious, but also enthusiastic and upbeat.  Luckily we were the final group to go in so we had plenty of time to practise before the real thing.  Every one of us performed well, especially Azim, who Nikki Barr later stated did things better than some CEOs can.  We blitzed through the questions and felt the dragons really liked our idea.  We were also later praised for our video made by Huzaifa as it was one of the best ever presented in the competition.  We walked out more confident than we walked in!

Now the Dragons’ Den is over we look forward to hearing the results in a month.  We do not doubt we have the potential to win and now it is just the matter of finalising our entry, polishing the design, and waiting…  Lots of waiting.”

We’ re waiting too Sadiq and wishing all our Challney boys the best of luck!