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Our Guardian Angels - a trip to the fire station.

22 October 2015

Raheel Ali tells us what happened when he and a small group of boys visited a fire station.

Our trip to the fire station was amazing.  When we arrived we met our guide for the morning, Jordanna Simpson.  She explained to us the rules of fire safety before we had a chance to meet with the other school group from Denbigh to ask and answer questions in a ‘getting to know you’ exercise.

Next we were put in mixed groups to go to a house at the station where we were asked to spot as many things as possible that may cause a fire.  We were also told how to escape a fire if we were upstairs when one starts. She told us we should all have smoke alarms in our homes and a phone upstairs in case of an emergency.

After the house we visited the rest rooms where the firemen change and live when on duty.  It was very strange seeing their boots and trousers left on the floor ready for each fireman to step into.  I had my picture taken next to the pole where they slide down in times of emergency.

At the end of the morning we examined the fire trucks and I was surprised at how big they are.  We took pictures of the trucks and a group one of us by the trucks.

As we left to come back to school, we saw a fire truck leaving to go and save lives.  I loved the trip and learned so much.